Review: Game of Thrones s01e01

Posted on April 22, 2011


The Seven Kingdoms of Westeros brace themselves for the arrival of a years-long winter. A raven bears ominous tidings to the northern castle of Winterfell, where Lord Eddard Stark rules over his harsh and cold province in the name of King Robert Baratheon. Rumours speak of knights and rangers lost beyond the vast Wall which guards the northern border of the realm, of an embittered prince seeking to raise an army in the far east to reclaim his throne, and of old secrets that could bring down the noble houses if unearthed. The Game of Thrones has many players and in this game you win or die.

Not too long ago I had a friend tell me about Game of Thrones. (The Book Series) It sounded really good and flushed out as far as scenery and characters (history and such) He told me that they were making a series based on it.

Well,  the series premiered April 17 2011 and was renewed for a second season after only one episode airing. That was pretty impressive.

I had a chance to watch the first episode. This is my review. (as that I will not be reviewing any more of this series)

Let’s talk about my first impression:

This opening was amazing. The feel of the film along with the obvious very high budget was enough to lock me in and really catch my attention.  The detail was great with the blood.  The “white walkers” looked very creepy.  The White Walkers are a mythological race mentioned in ancient legends and stories from the time of the First Men and the Children of the Forest. They are held to have caused chaos and war in Westeros before being defeated in a great struggle and driven back into the uttermost north, with the Wall raised to bar their return. They were generally believed to have either never existed, or if they ever did, are long extinct, as they had not been seen for thousands of years. in this opening scene we see some realistic gore and a dead kid impaled to a tree, who turns in to a White Walker or a zombie or something. This was promising to be a very cool series at this point.

cut to the title sequence
wow .. one word.. epic.

Then we have an introduction to Boromir .. er uh.. I mean Sean Bean’s character. (he looks just like Boromir IMO) He makes his 10yo son watch him chop off a guys head who from what I could tell his only crime was running from a traumatic slaughter of the guys he was riding with, He was even told by that guy that looks like Matt Damon that if he left they would behead him for abandoning them. Of course no one believes him, so OFF WITH HIS HEAD!

So about 15 min in to this I am getting a feel for the main characters already even though they do not have a whole lot of time to develop them in under an hour. I like how they are introducing story with excellent writing that is not obvious. I went in to this knowing nothing and still understanding everything.

King’s Landing = beautiful.

so at the 20 min mark I have seen plenty of amazing landscapes, scenery, sets costumes, acting, music and story to prove that this is an epic story fit for the big-screen.

Okay … now the 30 min mark, this is where it all changed for me.

why? >>> pointless, sexualized female nudity

Some people say that  the nudity/sex in GAME OF THRONES was perfectly fine and in keeping with the show’s overall tone but I have to disagree.. I mean, they did make it seem natural and not ‘glamorized’,  but still .. why put that in there? Well most are saying because it is in the book. Well, I understand being true to the story, but there is a lot to be said bout how one goes about presenting the subject matter. In this case I believe it is gratuitous. I wish I had more to say but after finishing out the remaining 30 min of this pilot episode I will not be watching the rest of the series. This is not something I am interested in only because of the pointless, sexualized female nudity and the several dropping of the “F”-Bomb.  [I have no quarrels with the word, but it really pulls me out of the element and sounds too modernized for a period feel]

So my final thoughts?

This was a huge let-down. I know many people are going to love this show.. That is fine.  There are elements of this show I really like, but the parts I do not like outweigh the good to me. I really wanted to geek-out and fall in love with this and get in to the story, but I can’t. It is more “Porn of Thrones” to me than Game of Thrones. Some might say that it is sad that I let a little thing like that ruin it for me, but that is who I am.

I might watch s01e02 but if it is anything like this one.. I am done.

please post you thoughts on the episode!

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